Yellow Sign Protest Otaki

Otaki 26th September 2021 A group of passionate people from the Kapiti Freedom Alliance held a Covid-19 protest on State Highway 1 at the entrance to the town of Otaki on the Kapiti coast on Sunday afternoon 26th September 2021. 

Vaccine exemption card

This card is open to anyone living in Nu Tireni (New Zealand) who wish to seek protection against forced Vaccinations. You will be protected sanctuary under the tikanga of Ko te Wakaminenga o Nga Hapu o Nu Tireni ( native Maori jurisdiction managed by maori tribes) recognised in He Wakaputanga o Te Rangatiratanga o Nu… Continue reading Vaccine exemption card

Are You Getting the Vaccine?

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Watch this before Vaccinating your child.

12 Year-old Maddie de Garay Volunteered In A COVID Pfizer Vaccine Study And Now Is In A Wheel Chair And Also Requires A Feeding Tube. This is a 2 min extract from a longer video of “Sen. Ron Johnson with families on adverse reactions to COVID vaccine”

Canadian Doctors Speak out about Covid Jab

Vaccinologist Dr. Byram Bridle (and two other Canadian doctors, Dr. Patrick Philips and Dr. Don Welsh) speaks out about the dangers of the COVID-19 jab, the personal attacks he’s experienced since speaking publicly about the COVID-19 jab and its link to myocarditis, and the unprecedented suppression and censorship of doctors and scientists who dare to… Continue reading Canadian Doctors Speak out about Covid Jab