If You Intend To Take The Covid-19 ‘Vaccine’, It Is Imperative You Watch This First

Corona: False Alarm? (PDF) by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr. Karina Reiss

Video Summary:

1) Even if people have the vaccine, it doesn’t mean life will go back to normal in terms of the lifting of various restrictions that have been placed on people (face masks, lockdowns, social distancing, etc).

2) The risk of dying from the virus is low. For all age groups up to the age of 70, there’s over a 99% survival rate. And for persons over 70, the survival rate is just under 95%, and this is even without any treatment.

3) The vaccine is not a regular vaccine, it’s a gene-based, mRNA vaccine. This kind of vaccine has never been used on the public at large before. So in this sense it’s experimental. Some are saying that by rights, it shouldn’t even really be called a vaccine, and that “experimental gene-therapy devices” would be a more suitable name for them. 

4) There has never been a successful vaccine for a Coronavirus. They’ve tried to make them before and the results were not good. The vaccines were given to ferrets (an animal whose respiratory system most closely resembles that of a human) and they appeared to work well initially by creating an anti-body response. But later, when the animals were exposed to the live virus, they got very sick and some of them died. This was due to something called pathogenic priming, cytokine storm or antibody dependent enhancement (it’s explained fully in the video). It has not been ruled out that this could happen to humans with this vaccine. It did actually happen in the past, in the case of an RSV respiratory vaccine, where two children ended up dying, this was in the 60s.

5) There are concerns that the vaccine could affect the placenta and cause infertility in women. Testing has not ruled out this possibility.

6) Even regular vaccines can take up to ten years to produce and adequately test, but this vaccine – which is not a regular vaccine, but an experimental mRNA vaccine – has been rushed through in less than a year

7) It cannot be shown with any statistical significance that taking the vaccine will lower your risk of dying, because the risk of dying from the virus is already so low.

8) The vaccine is being given to people before all safety and efficacy trials have been been fully completed. The phase three safety trial for the Pfizer vaccine and Moderna vaccine will not be completed for another 2 years. So the people who take the vaccine are the test subjects, taking part in the safety trial.

9) While many people probably think that having the vaccine will stop them from being infected with Sars-Cov-2 and transmitting it to others, this is not the case. There’s no evidence that it will prevent infection or transmission. The primary goal of the vaccine is reduce Covid-19 symptoms, not to stop transmission or infection.

10) The makers of the vaccine have zero liability. So if anyone is harmed or killed by the vaccine, they cannot be sued. What incentive do the vaccine manufacturers have to make the vaccine safe, when they can’t be sued?

11) Since the vaccine roll out began, at the time of making this video, there have been many reports of injuries and deaths after people have had the vaccine. California suspended the use of a batch of the Moderna vaccine due to negative health reactions. China health experts have called for the suspension of mRNA vaccines, such as those made by Pfizer and Moderna following 33 deaths of old people in Norway. Officials in Norway are now not recommending that elderly and frail people have the vaccine. There have been deaths of old people in Germany, the US, etc. At the end of the video (and somewhere in the middle) you can see some of the reports of these injuries and deaths.