Mask Exemption ID Cards

Download a 3×3 A4 page of these ID cards. Print them out, cut them out, use them.


The information below is from the NZ Ministry of Health Covid19 Website.

Exemption card for face coverings 

We know that some people who have a disability or health condition may not be able to wear a face covering safely or comfortably. If you cannot wear one, you can get an exemption card. 

If you cannot wear a face covering, you can show your exemption card when needed, for example to a bus driver. 

You do not need to have an exemption card, but you may feel more comfortable showing something official to confirm you cannot wear a face covering.

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Read the Legislation:

How to Download from Min of Health:


Scroll down and under the Heading “Get an exemption card” is a link.

Download exemption card for face coverings

This takes you to the Disabled Persons Assembly website, with a link to Download the face mask / covering exemption card at